A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern technology, for healing and wellbeing.

Joules Begalle, Owner

Joules Begalle found her inspiration for alternative health after a car accident in the 1980’s, when a chiropractor changed the way she thought about health care. Since then, Joules has dedicated her life to the healing arts and has studied everything she possibly can from massage to aromatherapy, polychromatic light therapy to color therapy and  her passion,  vibroacoustic sound therapy. Joules loves to teach and share her knowledge widely, encouraging clients to use self help techniques such as the Melt Method.  She believes that the client needs to be a part of their own healing.  When choosing the name of her business she played off of clients having "Aha" moments. She chose the acronym  AHHA  which stands for affordable, holistic, healthy, alternatives.  Being healthy and whole doesn't need to be expensive!  Stop in to AHHA Wellness Spa and let Joules lead you  on your path to wellness.

Julie Begalle