Products We Recommend

Listed below are the products we recommend and use ourselves.
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Block Therapy

Block Therapy focuses on releasing the fascia all the way to the bone - where issues are stored. We do not use force - we need to persuade the tissue to release. Forceful actions can cause tearing of the tissue. This results in injury - and consequently can cause a build up of scar tissue.

The Block Therapy system is the most effective self care technique to soften and release tissue to promote blood and oxygen flow to cells.

Healthy Wave Mats

Relax as the Healthy Wave Mat restores balance  and energy within your body while delivering far infrared rays and negative ions through the power of amethyst crystal.  Amethyst is known to be the best conductor of far infrared light. 

The Healthy Wave Mat is a high-quality infrared heating mat used in healing and pain relief practices all over the world.  The Healthy Wave Mat offers relief from muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and muscular back pain.  The Healthy Wave Mat also relaxes muscles and temporarily increases local blood circulation.

Meditation Cushions & Vibroacoustic Therapy

Say Goodbye to a Distracted Mind

inHarmony uses sound and vibration to help you and your clients relieve stress and anxiety.

truMedic Foot Massagers

Feel the pain melt away and enjoy a soothing, spa-like experience with these foot massagers. After a long day, nothing feels quite as good as a relaxing massage. 

Your feet need a break! A truMedic Foot Massager is equipped with professional-quality massage technology to provide a relaxing foot massage on your schedule. Forget about booking expensive massage appointments.

Synergy Science Sauna

Experience detox therapy on a whole new level with the Synergy Sauna™. A portable setup used to cleanse the body of toxins while simultaneously boosting the immune system. Utilizes full-spectrum near-, mid-, and far-infrared, all with ultra-low EMFs. Comes equipped with its own ozone generator for internal sanitation. Made from organic bamboo.

MELT Method

MELT Method is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall wellbeing

Cooch Ball

Tired of the classic solutions for pelvic floor health? The Cooch Ball is the guaranteed answer.

5 Top Reasons Women Love the Cooch Ball:

  • When your pelvic floor is functioning properly your bedroom becomes a playground!

  • Patented design that achieves the optimal muscular release that you need to bring bloodflow to that part of your body (not just "any" ball will do this!)

  • Discrete, easy and non invasive to use

  • Using your Cooch Ball is a great compliment to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

  • It's like CPR for your pelvic floor